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Are you curious about how to color bath bombs without food coloring? While food coloring may seem like a simple way to color your bath bombs, there are many other fun and beneficial ways to color your bath and body products. First, you can create a variety of lovely colors for your bath bombs with soap colorants. These soap dyes are perfect for creating some vibrant colors that are perfect for creating all kinds of wonderful designs.

Also, you can use different powdered herbs to provide your products with colors naturally. While not all herbs can be used to color your bath products, powdered herbs that have vivid colors are perfect for coloring your homemade bath fizzies. Plus, these herbs can provide you bath bombs with some benefits for your skin. So, there are quite a few different options for creating different colors for your bath and body products.

Natural Colorants

A great way to color your bath and body products is by adding some powdered herbs to your bath and body recipes. There are many different types of herbs that can be used to create some lovely shades in your products. Further, these herbs often provide your products with some extra beneficial properties for your skin.

Some of these herbs are cleansing, full of nutrients, or soothing for your skin and body. This will provide you with both the benefits of a natural colorant and an effective skin care additive. Plus, coloring your products with herbs allows you to keep your products all natural. So, here are some herbs that we have used as colorants in our bath bomb recipes.

Activated Charcoal Powder

Firstly, you can add color to your bath and body products using activated charcoal powder. This herb is not only great for your skin, but activated charcoal has a rich, dark color that will certainly show in your products. So, this herb is perfect for providing a black color in your bath bombs. In fact, we used this herb to create the Lumps of Coal Bath Bomb.

This bath product was made with black salt and natural black colorant to create a recipe that resembles an actual lump of coal! Plus, this festive recipe uses our Elf Sweat Fragrance Oil to add to the aesthetic of the bath bomb. So, you sure to have a perfect recipe for the holidays.

Beet Root Powder

One way that you can naturally color your bath bombs is the lovely beet root powder. Simply add some of this powdered herb to your bath bomb recipe and you will have a wonderful color for your bath and body products. One color option for coloring is that you can provide your products with a pretty pink color. Alternatively, you can achieve more of a deep red pink color by adding even more of the powdered herb. Just keep adding the beet root herb until you have the perfect shade.

Since we wanted a light shade of pink in the Black Cherry Bath Bomb Recipe, we only added a bit of Beet Root Powder to our recipe. But, you can always alter the colors for your own recipes.

Peppermint Leaf Powder

Also, you can use herbs to naturally color your products with shades of green. Peppermint leaf powder is a perfect way to create lovely and natural earthy green hues. Not only does this herb provide a nice color for your products, but the peppermint herb has been known to be wonderful for clearing sinuses and providing a cooling effect for the skin.

So, the Sinus Relief Bath Bomb Recipe is a perfect recipe for creating a naturally beautiful and effective bath product. This herb is used to provide half of our bath bomb with a green color and the other half has been left white with speckles of Peppermint Leaf Cut and Sifted. So, you are left with a very pretty bath bomb that is perfect for sinus relief.

Cocoa Powder Organic

Another fun way to naturally color your bath and body products is Natures Garden’s organic cocoa powder. This powered cocoa is perfect for providing your products with a chocolate brown color that looks absolutely delicious. So, we obviously had to use this natural colorant to color the chocolate chip portion of the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bath Fizzies Recipe.

This provides you with adorable ice cream scoops scented with Peppermint Patty Fragrance Oil. So, these ice cream scoops will smell and look absolutely scrumptious.

Cosmetic Colorants

While there are many colors that can be created with powdered herbs, there are some hues that can only be obtained with a good colorant. The Natures Garden FUN Soap Colorants are perfect for providing your recipes with bright, inviting colors that make your products look gorgeous.

These colors provide you with the creative ability to make all kinds of bath bombs. So, you can use these vibrant colorants to create some amazing bath bomb recipes.

Deep Purple Fun Soap Colorant

First, you can use some soap colorants to create some amazing shades of purple. The Deep Purple FUN Soap Colorant is an amazing, deep color that is perfect for making homemade bath and body products. One fun way to use this colorant is to create the Blackberry Bling Bling Bubble Bar Recipe. These adorable little bath bomb scoops look just like ice cream.

Plus, the mica adds to the colorant to create a beautiful color. Further, the appearance of this bath product pairs wonderfully with the Blackberry Bling Bling Fragrance Oil. So, you are sure to love this adorable bath and body product.

Ultramarine Blue Fun Soap Colorant 

You can create some amazing colors for your bath and body products with Natures Garden soap colorants. One great colorant option is the Ultramarine Blue FUN Soap Colorant. This bath and body ingredient is perfect for creating gorgeous shades of blue. Anything from light baby blue to a deep royal blue can be created with this cosmetic colorant.

Just change the amount of colorant you include to create a wide array of beautiful shades. We used this lovely blue colorant to create the Blueberry Bath Bomb Recipe. This bath recipe is colored half white and half blue to create a fun bath bomb. Plus, it is scented with our Blueberry Fragrance Oil. So, this bath bomb certainly has the perfect color for the freshly ripened aroma.

Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Plus, you can create some gorgeous bath bomb recipes with the Yellow Oxide FUN Soap Colorant. We created the lovely Golden Clover Bath Bomb Recipe with this colorant and it turned out absolutely beautiful. We used this lovely colorant to perfectly create a delightful gold color by combining the Yellow Oxide colorant with 24K gold mica.

This provided our lucky clover bath bombs with the perfect gold color with a lovely shine. So, you will be able to create a gorgeous, shimmering bath bomb with this soap colorant that is sure to wow.

Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant

Also, you can create some beautiful shades of color for your bath and body products with this cosmetic colorant. So, adding the Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant to your bath bomb recipes can provide you with some amazingly vibrant shades of pink for your products. We used this colorant to perfectly color our Muddy Pig Bath Bomb Recipe.

The majority of our bath bomb is the gorgeous shade of pink that is as pink as a little piglet. Then, there is a bit of brown added to the bath fizzy as well to create the look of a cute little muggy piggy. Finally, we add a little toy pig for a bath bomb the kids will love. This is the perfect bath and body product that is cute and great for your skin!

Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant 

Another fun colorant that you can use in your homemade bath bombs is the Ultramarine Violet Soap Colorant. This cosmetic colorant is perfect for creating lovely shades of purple for your bath bomb creations. We at Natures Garden used this colorant to create the Sugar Plum Bath Bomb Recipe.

This pretty bath bomb is a gorgeous light purple hue with mica dust sprinkled on top. So, the product goes perfectly with the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Fragrance Oil that is in this recipes, as well. You will love the combination of this lovely colorant with the sweet scent of this fragrance oil!

Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant

Plus, there are even more colors that you can use in your bath bomb recipes. You can create some gorgeous shades of green with the Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant. We used this color along with some of the Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant to create the Green Apple Candy Bath Bomb Recipe.

So, we were able to create the perfect green apple shade of green for our bath bomb! Further, this color perfectly pairs with the Green Apple Candy Fragrance Oil. This is sure to provide you with a gorgeous bath bomb that smells delicious.

Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant

Another great colorant that you can use in your bath and body products is the Neon Blue FUN Soap Colorant. This soap colorant is a brighter shade of blue that is perfect for creating some vivid shades of blue. We tried out this bath and body colorant in our Fish Toy Bath Bomb Recipe and it is absolutely perfect for this product.

This recipe uses tiny fish sprinkles and a bright, ocean blue to create an amazing bath bomb recipe. Plus, the Mermaid Kisses Fragrance Oil matches this bath bomb perfectly. Try out our recipe or create your own beautiful blue colored bath bombs.

Using Your Food Dye

Since you have new coloring alternatives to food dye, you may want to figure out how else you can use your food dye. So, leave the soap colorant and naturally coloring herbs for making the bath recipes and let’s have some fun with the leftover food coloring.

You can find a few fun ways that you can use food dyes in the article “12 Fun Things to Do With Food Dye” by Escape Adulthood. This list of ideas contains a variety of fun ways that you can try using your food dyes. This includes recipes like mashed potatoes, coloring flowers, and many other fun ideas. So, check out this list to find some fun and colorful ideas!

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